Perfect Shipping


Perfect Shipping

Our Company (Perfect Shipping) is licenced to provide a full scale agency representation to ship owners and charterers in all Nigeria Ports with the strong growth in international trade.

The shipping industry has to cope with the advent of new giant ships and the consolidation of shipowners. The skilled professionals at NES Shipping are bracing up to meet these challenges, delivering appropriate solutions to shipowners and shippers alike. Our independence towards terminal operators and stevedoring companies is the guarantee for saveguarding the interests of our principal and good services.

Ship Catering

Period and Spot Chartering / Brokerage Services for all types of offshore support vessels through a domestic and international network, providing solutions for Operators’ requirements specialist in Nigerian Cabotage Regulations facilitation of quality marine crew.
Most of the cargoes we are fixing are:

  • Daily visits of our boarding clerks to the ship
  • Ordering berths, pilots, tugboats, shifting, spares, bunkers and stores
  • Crew change formalities and crew transport
  • Delivery of parcels, mail and documents from and to the ship
  • project, industrial equipments, heavy lifts;
  • fertilizers
  • grains
  • steel products
  • construction materials
  • wood products